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When you have an accident, injury, or birth trauma, this can damage the connective tissue in the head and neck. This damage forces the head and neck to shift out of proper positioning. We call this a Structural Shift.

This Structural Shift of the head and neck can put pressure on the Brainstem. The Brainstem controls all the automatic functions in the body, including muscle tone on each side of the body. So, when there is Brainstem Pressure from the Structural Shift, it causes one side of the body’s muscles to squeeze down more than the other side. This creates a visible Posture Pattern where the head, neck, shoulders, hips, and legs are uneven in a particular way.

Once a person’s body is locked into this posture pattern, pain and dysfunction can develop almost anywhere as a result. The most common Secondary Conditions created by a Structural Shift and resulting Posture Pattern are: headaches, migraines, neck pain, low back pain, hip pain, and sciatic pain.

So, if someone is having pain or dysfunction in their body, we are able to measure their Posture Pattern, and if it matches the pattern we look for, then we are able to correct the root cause, a Structural Shift that’s causing Brainstem Pressure. Once we correct the Structural Shift and the Pressure is off the Brainstem, then the muscle tone balances side to side and the Posture Pattern self corrects and the person stands straight and their body is able to heal and feel better.

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