What Makes Us Different?

Traditional Chiropractic

Most chiropractors utilize Traditional Chiropractic.

  • Focus is on improving the range of motion using high velocity thrusts into the spine

  • May include handheld adjusting tools, therapies and other modalities

  • Temporarily relieves tension and increases joint motion however is classified as symptom management because you have to return for several visits for the same treatments. This occurs because although the motion of the spine is better, the structure has not been corrected to its normal position. The force of gravity will cause the fixations of the spine and symptoms to reoccur in this abnormal structural position

Structural Spinal Care

We specialize in a procedure called NUCCA.

  • Use a specific adjustment determined from digital imaging. No cracking, popping or twisting of the body- our adjustment is painless

  • We measure before and after the adjustment to make sure your spine has been corrected

  • Immediately corrects the muscle tone from left to right which naturally allows normal motion and reduces pain

  • Helps on a long term basis because the structure’s position is corrected in reference to gravity, the force always acting on us. In the normal structural position the damaged tissue begins to normalize and symptoms go away on a permanent basis

If you would like a COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION with Dr. Slagel to simply sit down and talk with him, please click here. If you would like to read through what other patients have written about their experiences with Dr. Slagel, click here.

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