What Makes Us Different From a Traditional Chiropractor?

Traditional Chiropractic


  1. Most Chiropractors utilize what's known as "Traditional" or "Conventional" Chiropractic.

  2. Twist, crack, and pop the neck and back to try to make the joints of the spine move more.

  3. Focus is on improving the range of motion.

  4. Subjective, based on feel, and less specific.

  5. Minimal measurement, the practitioner will lay you down and feel for what's not moving well, and crack it to make it move more.

  6. Many times include handheld adjusting tools, therapies and other modalities.

  7. Temporarily relieves tension, so classified as symptom management because you have to return for several visits for the same treatments. This occurs because although the motion of the spine is better, the structure has not been corrected to its normal position. The force of gravity will cause the fixations of the spine and symptoms to recur in this abnormal structural position.

  8. Always need to be adjusted every single visit, which means every single time you go, the problem is still there.

  9. No end point. Once you start, you always have to go. There will never be a point where the spine is corrected.

  10. This is the entry level adjusting taught in most chiropractic schools, similar in skill level to a family practice medical doctor.

Structural Chiropractic

  1. At our office, we utilize a special structural protocol called NUCCA. ​

  2. No twisting, cracking, or popping. Correction feels like taking a pulse.

  3. Focuses on restoring the body's framework back to the normal position.

  4. Objective, based on measurements before and after. We do this by utilizing specific 3D Structural Radiography (measured down to 1/100th of a degree).

  5. Extensive pre/post measurements on x-ray and posture, specific calculations, geometry, structural biomechanics, and applied physics are used.

  6. Can be partnered with extra modalities and therapies, but many NUCCA practitioners do not need to use them.

  7. Helps on a long term basis because the structure’s position is corrected in reference to gravity, the force always acting on us. In the normal structural position the damaged tissue begins to normalize and symptoms go away on a permanent basis.

  8. Immediately corrects the muscle tone from left to right after the first correction, which naturally allows normal motion and reduces pain.​​Don't need adjustments every visit because your spine staying corrected over time is when it has the chance to actually heal.

  9. Once the structural shift of the spine is fixed and healed, it is good to go unless there is a new injury to the spine.

  10. This is a post graduate board certified specialty, similar in skill level to a brain surgeon medical doctor.

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